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Form 199

Why Should I E-file California Form 199 with ExpressTaxExempt?

Form-Based Filing
Prepare Forms using Direct
Form Entry
FTB Approved Provider
Supports Schedule
M-1 & L
Re-transmit rejected returns  for free
Add and Manage Staffs to assist you in Filing
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Re-transmit rejected returns for free
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Form-Based Filing
Form-Based Filing
FTB Approved Provider
FTB Approved Provider
Re-transmit rejected returns  for free
Re-transmit rejected returns for free
Supports Free Statements
Supports Free Statements
Internal Audit Check
Internal Audit Check
US Based Support
US Based Support

Ready to file your CA Form 199 Electronically with ExpressTaxExempt?

Form 199 Schedule M-1 and L

You may need to provide additional information as Schedules along with Form 199.

There are 2 Schedules in total available for Form 199 that may need to be attached to the tax return based on particular organizational activities.

  • Schedule M-1 - Balance Sheet
  • Schedule L - Reconciliation of income per books with income per return

ExpressTaxExempt supports almost every Schedule for Form 199. Our software simplifies the process to complete and e-file 199 return with the Schedules.

You can view your filing summary and then pay and transmit your return to the FTB instantly.

File Form 199

QWhat is Form 199?

Form 199, California Exempt Organization Annual Information Return, is used by the following organizations to report the Receipts and Revenues, Expenses, and Disbursements.

  • Organizations granted tax-exempt status by the FTB.
  • Nonexempt charitable trusts as described in IRC Section 4947(a)(1).

Note: To file Form 199 with California, you must have your IRS accepted Federal return for your Form 990 Series!

QWho Must File Form 199?

Nonprofits in California require to file CA state-specific forms to report the basic organization information like expenses, disbursements, filing fees, and more.

Normal gross receipts File
Gross receipts normally $50,000 or less* FTB 199N
Gross receipts more than $50,000 Form 199
Private foundations (regardless of gross receipts) Form 199
Nonexempt charitable trusts described in IRC Section 4947(a)(1) (regardless of gross receipts) Form 199

* Organizations eligible to file FTB 199N may choose to file Form 199.

Click here to learn more about Form 199 Filing Requirements.

QWhen is the deadline to file my CA Form 199?

The due date for Organizations operating other than the calendar year will be the 15th day of the 5th month from when the tax period ends.

QHow to file Extension for CA Form 199?

If your Nonprofits need more time to file Form 199, the exempt organization has an additional six months to file without filing a written request for an extension.

However, if the Organization that is not in good standing or suspended on the original due date of the return will not be given an extension of time to file.

QCan Form 199 be filed electronically?

Yes, Form 199 can be filed electronically using the services of FTB authorized e-file providers such as ExpressTaxExempt and also generate the applicable schedules for FREE.

QHow do I file Form 199 electronically?

To e-file Form 199 with ExpressTaxExempt, follow the below simple steps to get started:

  • Step 1: Enter your organization details
  • Step 2: Enter the receipts and revenues, expenses, filing fee for filing your return.
  • Step 3: Complete all the Schedule questions related to your filing.
  • Step 4: Fix errors, if any, as a result of business validations put in place.
  • Step 5: Review the form 199 and transmit to the FTB.

E-File CA Form 199 for your Nonprofit Organization with our Software