Non-Profit Filing for Hospitals

What is hospital facilities?

Hospitals facilities that are licensed, registered, or similarly recognized by the state as a hospital. This means hospitals require recognition as a hospital to qualify for any tax exempt considerations. Hospital organizations may treat multiple buildings as a single hospital facility operating under a single state license.

How do tax exempt hospitals benefit communities?

Tax exempt hospitals are required to provide community benefit to be tax-exempt charitable organizations under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Since hospitals were traditionally run by religious or philanthropic organizations, becoming tax exempt was a natural progression. Regardless of the origin, a tax exempt hospital presents many benefits to the community.

What are the new requirements for charitable 501(c)(3) hospitals?

Because of a lack of uniformity in definitions and reporting, there was a call for a separate schedule for hospitals on Form 990, the annual tax return filed by nonprofits and tax-exempt organizations. Because of this, there is a discussion draft of a new Schedule H, where hospitals will report their impact and community benefit.

Which 990 Form should hospitals file?

Hospitals are required to File 990, Schedule H to provide information on the activities and policies of, and community benefit provided by, its hospital facilities and other non-hospital health care facilities that it operated during the tax year. This includes facilities operated either directly or through disregarded entities or joint ventures.

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